IBSP Annual Mobile Sport Fishing Vehicle Permit


Mandatory Vehicle Equipment
IBSP Annual Mobile Sport Fishing Vehicle Permit Rules 
  • Mobile Sport Fishing Vehicle (MSFV) permits are issued for access to the beach for the sole purpose of fishing.
  • MSFV permits will only be issued to the registered owner of the vehicle; leased or company owned vehicles will need lease documents, proof of ownership, etc. All-terrain vehicles (ATV/UTV) are prohibited.
  • Valid from January 1st to December 31st.  From May 22 through September 30 vehicles are prohibited in the recreation swimming areas or north of the A-7 access road because of high public visitation on the beach. 
  • Non-transferable to another vehicle.
  • Permit holder is responsible for the actions of any driver operating the vehicle on the beach.  All drivers must be 18 or older.
  • By use of this permit, the permit holder agrees to comply with all park rules and regulations.  The permit holder is liable for any damage to people or property resulting from the use of permit vehicle on the beach.
  • The area superintendent reserves the right to close the beach or sections to vehicles due to nesting shore birds, high tides, erosion and/or other emergencies.
  • No more than 500 vehicles allowed on the beach at one time. Entry will be closed when the limit is reached.

Driving On The Beach 

There are 3 MSFV Access Roads 

    1. Gillikins: located in the Northern Natural Area and is designated for fishing only.  No picnicking, sunbathing, or fires allowed in this area.  MSFV are not permitted north of this access.   You man NOT drive south through the bathing areas from May 22 through September 30.
    2. A-7 access provides entrance to the Southern Natural Area.  You may not drive through the bathing areas from May 22 through September 30.  This is a multi-use area
    3. A-23 Access at the end of the paved roadway provides access to Barnegat Inlet and jetty fishing.   MSFV shall not be parked within 30' of the jetty and must be parked facing north while parked at the jetty.  This is a multi-use area. 
  • Prior to entering beach, reduce tire pressure to at least 15 psi to avoid getting stuck in the sand.
  • Comply with the 10 mph speed limit.
  • When driving yield to the right of oncoming traffic.
  • Use caution to avoid people, fishing equipment and other items on the beach.
  • Stay within the designated beach areas and STAY OFF THE DUNES AND PARK VEGETATION!