Damaged Goods Policy/Lost Puzzle Pieces

If you received a broken or damaged item please complete the following as soon as possible. 
  • In order for an item or items to be replaced a single photo of the broken or damaged item or items must include any and all non-damaged items.
  • Photo must be received within 7 days of delivery confirmation.   
  • Email photo and order number to ShoreAndMoreLLC@gmail.com
  • Please be sure to inspect all items in your delivered order as Shore and More will only provide a one time replacement of broken items from your order.
  • Once contacting Shore and More we will ship out replacement products as soon as possible.
  • If you missed a broken item but have already requested and received replacements on your order you will be responsible to pay for the shipping cost to replace the additional item or items.

Missing Puzzle Pieces

The good news is: with modern manufacturing methods, a missing piece at manufacturing time is really quite rare. It's likely your piece is within reach! Follow the instructions below and your chances of finding the culprit jigsaw puzzle piece will be quite good.

It seems silly, but it's so easy to misplace or overlook a missing piece.

  • Double, triple, and maybe even quadruple check your box to verify the missing piece isn't in there. It's possible the piece could be stuck in the flap or a corner. It could have happened during production, packaging, or transport.
  • Do a thorough search of the room or any rooms that you have used for opening, constructing, glueing, transporting, storing, or even thinking about the jigsaw puzzle. Check under chairs, inside open garbage cans, between the rug & molding; don't be afraid to scour the surroundings for the missing piece.
  • If you've vacuumed recently, check the vacuum bag or garbage can. If you have pets or small children, then your boundary for scanning and searching is far far wider! Check your pets' beds; puzzle pieces like to stick to paws!
  • It could be a practical joke -- a tricky spouse or a child keen on finishing the puzzle may have absconded with the missing piece in the hopes of laying the final piece. Or, they could simply enjoy rendering you confounded on your hands and knees looking for a tiny piece of cardboard. Either way, don't rule out the possibilty of hijinks.
  • It is possible that a pet may have taken it or accidentally moved it do another location.

Replacing Puzzle Pieces

Depending on the manufacturing date and the specific puzzle design, it's possible that multiple cutting dies were used to produce the same puzzle design, meaning pieces from same design will not actually fit your puzzle. Manufacturers often replace or rotate cutting dies for reasons such as service, sharpening, or production availability.

ShoreAndMore.com offers solutions for missing puzzle pieces.  In all solutions we require a photo of the completed puzzle showing the missing piece or pieces and order must have been placed less than 90 days prior to request.

  1. We will send you the missing piece or pieces free of charge including shipping if we have a puzzle replacement that was cut from the same die.  
  2. If we don't have a replacement piece from the same die we will replace the entire puzzle free of charge but you will be required to pay for the shipping.
  3. If you purchased the puzzle in person or online and are available to come to visit us at 100 5th Ave, in Seaside Park, we will give you the missing piece or exchange the puzzle with the missing piece as long as they are in stock.